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Himo are a critically important part of kimono dressing. The role himo serve is that they actually secure the kimono onto the person's body. They can be used with juban, kimono, and even some of the more complex obi styles. This selection of himo are gently used vintage, one of which will be selected at random for you and shipped. 

Looking for brand new himo in normal and extra-long sizes? We also have those! Check out our brand new himo here:


  • Himo Quantity Per Order: You will get 1 randomly selected himo per order.
  • Himo Colors: Random, from pink to white and lime green. The colors will be random.
  • Himo Condition: B, gently used vintage. Minor flaws, ready to wear.
  • Himo Materials: Random, will range from silk to poly.


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Vintage Himo - Koshihimo

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