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Kimono Kitsuke Interview: Shannon Holt

Location: Texas, USA

What first attracted you into wearing kimono? How long have you worn kimono? What initially attracted me to kimono was both the beauty and the novelty of it. I first became interested in Japanese culture in fifth grade as that was when I discovered manga, but I didn’t actually start my kimono journey until I was in high school when I was sixteen. I truly fell in love after figuring out how to put on my first yukata and somehow it has ended up that I have been wearing and collecting kimono for almost three years now (it’ll be three years in August).

Does your particular style of kimono kitsuke have a name? My favorite style is mostly Kimono Hime or Kimono Hime inspired. Kimono hime is a kimono fashion style that mixes modern accessories with traditional kimono and obi. But my style is not 100% kimono hime all the time, it depends on my mood!

What are some of your common inspirations for your kitsuke? Generally my inspiration comes from either flowers or an obscure “feeling” I want to embody. So usually its things like “summer”, “roses”, “princess”, and other such things. The theme of each coordination mostly depends on the season and my mood.

What are some of your favorite kimono motifs and themes? My favorite motifs tend to be flowers. But I also just love animal motifs though I do not have many.

Do you have any advice for someone new to wearing kimono? My advice to a new kimono wearer is this: wear a kimono that makes you feel beautiful/handsome in a way that makes you feel beautiful or handsome. Also Practice as much as you can and don’t let anyone get you down. Practice makes you confident in your kitsuke and confidence is everything when wearing kimono!

What kinds of places do you wear your kimono to? I wear my kimono where ever I want. Mostly I do quick kitsuke photo shoots in my back yard but I have also worn kimono out while shopping, going to conventions, when hanging out with friends, to Japanese restaurants, and even to my local grocery store. Though personally I wouldn’t wear a kimono to places like a Chinese restaurant or other places where I would feel like I was undermining another culture and stuff.


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