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NOW SELLING: Sakura Pepsi

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Ohio Kimono has in a limited selection of Sakura Pepsi, straight from Japan! We have in only 48 bottles at this time. Bottles will cost only $10 each, and for purchase only in person at the following events. This unique flavor is found only in Japan and has been blowing up on social media so much that we had to order in several cases from Japan to taste for ourselves, and share with you all. You can find a limited number of these drinks for sale at our travelling kimono store.

Tekko (Pittsburg, PA) - 10 bottles Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival (Indiana) - 15 bottles Columbus Asian Festival (Ohio) - 15 Bottles

Limit is 1 bottle per person, first come first serve, cash only, no online sales. If you want to purchase one via the internet, there are many places to buy them online. If sales go well, we will order in 48 more bottles. In the future we will look at offering other limited edition flavored Pepsi drinks as well. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events. As always you can expect our travelling kimono boutique to be packed full of high quality authentic Japanese kimono, haori, tabi socks, geta, and more.

Check out my video review of opening a case, and the bottles!

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