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Tea Ceremony @ The Japanese Summer Festival 2016!

Did you know that the Japanese Summer Festival offers Tea Ceremony? Seating is limited, so it is important that you reserve and pay for your spot in advance!

"For those wishing to participate in a more intimate cultural experience, traditional tea ceremonies will be led by members of Urasenke Tankokai and students of Professor Kimiko Gunji. Gunji is Professor Emeritus of Japanese Arts & Culture in the School of Art & Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the former Director of Japan House at the University of Illinois. Reservations are required for all tea ceremonies. For more information please contact Katie Weston at"

To reserve and look at times: and to reserve your space in advance! It is only $15 a person!

See you this weekend, rain or shine!

Japanese Summer Festival

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