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Major Announcement!

Ohio Kimono is excited to announce a new chapter in the history of our business. Since 2009 Ohio Kimono has extensively focused on bringing traditional Japanese culture to America and making it accessible to all. The primary interest for years has been authentic Japanese kimono, however we are excited to announce an all new addition to our selection: authentic Japanese Samurai Armor.

As of Feb 2017, Little Star Enterprises, Inc. and Ohio Kimono are entering into a cross promotional partnership to help bring Japanese kimono and authentic replica Samurai Armor to people all over America. Little Star Enterprises, Inc. has been in business since 2001. Since it’s founding Iron Mountain Armory has established itself as the premier leader in the field of hand crafted modern replica samurai armor. Renown for their attention to detail, their suits of armor are often imitated but never rivaled in terms of quality construction and authenticity.

At selection events a suit of armor will be on display. For the 2017 year the following events Ohio Kimono will have a set of armor present for customers review.

2017 Events The Samurai Armor Will Be At:

· Animarathon (Bowling Green, OH) -

· April 8 - DC Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington, DC) -

· April 30th - Japan Festival Boston (Boston, MA) -

· May 7st - Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN) -

· May 19 - 21 - Anime Central (Chicago, IL) - (Booth #933)

· March 31 - April 2 - Anime Boston (Boston, MA) -

· June 16-18 - JAFAX (Grand Rapids, MI) -

· July 14 -16 - Motor City Steam Con (Detroit, MI) -

· Aug 25-27 MatsuriCon (Columbus, OH) -

· Sept 9th - Kentucky Japanese Summer Festival (Lexington, KY) -

· Sept 15 - 17th - RamenCon (South Bend, IN) -

· Oct - Nyan Con (Lakeland, OH) -

· Nov - YoumaCon (Detroit, MI) -

These events are subject to change. For the most up to date list of shows that the armor will appear at please refer to the schedule page on the Ohio Kimono website. Watch for more information and even promotional contests in the coming weeks and months!

You can see more of the armor online at: Ohio Kimono is not affiliated with Otakorp, Inc.

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