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Rocking Furisode Photos

A customer of ours purchased a furisode from our online kimono store for her birthday. The furisode she selected was a favorite of ours. Furisode are formal kimono for younger unmarried women, even so they are popular among all age groups and genders. Here is what she had to say about these photos: "Since I finally snagged a furisode juban with the perfect sleeve measurements, I simply had to try it on with one of my gorgeous furisode! Overall I am quite happy how this turned out, as I would consider this my best furisode dressing ever! The tateya musubi was definitely a little difficult to tie at first but I got it figured out to work for me! Not a pro by any means, but I'll take it for dressing myself! :-) And really love this coord!"

Her Facebook Page:

Ohio Kimono Furisode Customer

Ohio Kimono Furisode Customer

Ohio Kimono Furisode Customer

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