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Project: Char-Obi-ties

Our company has long engaged in efforts to support various important charities such as donation of school supplies to an inner city school for children in need, cancer research, and feeding American children from difficult and low income backgrounds. Over the years we have pondered an idea for a way to raise money for various important charities and are going to move forward on an idea we have: Char-Obi-ties. Char-Obi-ties will raise money for important causes such as suicide prevention and awareness, cancer research, and more. What we are going to do is take mofuku obi, and remake them into obi for more common wear. Each of these obi will feature colors related to the cause they will help raise money for. For example, the suicide awareness and prevention will have the following colors: teal, purple, and yellow. We did consider offering customized Japanese kimono, but feel that obi are far more diverse and better accommodate many different sizes. The charities we donate to will be screened, and go through review via sites like Charity Navigator to make certain that money donated to these organizations goes to help the cause. As each obi is made, we welcome everyone to submit to us the name of someone who you know that was touched by the particular cause that the obi is dedicated to. The first obi we are working on is dedicated to Suicide Prevention and Awareness. This obi will be dedicated to all the victims of suicide, and we invite our customers to submit to us the names of people they lost to suicide. On the page of the finished obi there will be a tribute to all the victims. The item will go for sale online within the new few weeks, and all profits will be sent to Lifeline. Lifeline is a free phone line service that does not discriminate and serves a wide variety of communities such as the LGBTQ+ community, Veterans, even the deaf and hard of hearing, and more so the families of victims and the survivors of attempts. There are a variety of professionals on staff.

If you need help, you can call them 24/7 toll free at: 1-800-273-8255

You can visit them online at:

You can submit a name to be added to the tribute via our contact form, or on Facebook. Thank you so much for your support and interest. We hope that our efforts to raise money for these important charities will prove fruitful and also help to introduce our customers to important resources.

nagoya obi for Japanese Kimono

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