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Cherry Blossom Festival THIS WEEKEND!

This weekend is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana. For 1 day downtown Fort Wayne Indiana becomes a cultural hub that is full of a wide range of activities such as bonsai displays, haiku poetry contests, cosplay, taiko drumming, tea ceremony, and more! We will be attending with our extra large double booth setup, and are excited to be back. If you want to shop in person with us, this is a GREAT event to come shop with us at - admission is FREE! We will have a full range of products in stock. Everything from Japanese kimono for all ages, to tabi socks with geta, obi, haori, and even a few furisode!


Admission: FREE

Parking: Free on the streets

Ages: All ages Many people wear Japanese kimono to this Festival, and we encourage our customers to come out and rock out their kimono at it. This is the largest Japanese festival in several states, and has an indoor and outdoor section. See you there!

Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne Indiana

Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne Indiana

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