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SURPRISE! Pop-Up Haori Shop

If you live in or near the Toledo, Ohio area which is near the Michigan border you may want to stop by Rhoude House Bar tomorrow! This September 2nd, 2018 - Sunday from 2pm to 6pm we will have a surprise pop-up boutique focusing on haori! We are taking part in 'Art In The Bar - Booze And Buy'. This event is focused on local small businesses such as artists, crafters, and unique stores.

We will have with us a selection of beautiful vintage haori, directly imported from Japan. Haori are a popular kimono accessory, which originally were intended to be worn atop of Japanese kimono. However many people collect and wear haori without a traditional kimono, instead opting to wear them as a sort of elegant cardigan atop of a shirt, with pants. Haori make for a stylish statement for any gender at any age. Included in our selection will be a fine selection of silk haori, as well as many other kinds of haori made from fabrics such as wool, and easy to clean synthetic materials. Many of our haori in stock are unique, and handsewn. Haori are our most popular seller in the autumn, and are easy for anyone to wear. These kimono coats do not require any accessories or special skills to be worn.

Where: Rhouse Bar - 5534 Secor Rd, Toledo, Ohio 43623

Time: 2pm - 6pm

Admission: Free, open to the public

We look forward to helping you discover all the wonderful vintage and antique haori we have to offer. Can't stop in person this weekend? Our online kimono store offers a large selection of haori as well, with new inventory added each week.


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