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Thanks for Youmacon 2018

Youmacon 2018 has come and gone, and this year was our best year ever! Youmacon is an anime convnetion located in Detroit, Michigan and is one of the largest in the nation. The vendor room and artist alley was moved to Hall C, and the layout greatly improved upon. The vendor room as a whole had a wonderful flow through that benefited everyone. Over the course of the 4 day show we cross paths with many long term loyal customers, and many new ones! For the first year ever, we took part in the Opening Ceremony! We recruited 2 of our customers to play the part of our samurai and stay on stage and play guard as special guests, prizes, and more were all presented to the awaiting fans! There was a record number of panels dedicated to Japanese culture, several of which we sponsored! Though we saw many great cosplayers over the weekend we were a little too busy to take all of the photos of the the great outfits we saw. We were able to snag a few photos, and are excited to share with you them. Once more we want to thank everyone for their amazing patience at our booth, and for also being so cooperative during occasions such as when a customer in a wheelchair is shopping, and they politely request a bit of additional space. It was such a pleasure to serve you all at our last show of the year. OUr first show of 2019 will be Ohayocon!

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