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Alt Kimono Fashion With Kimono Seikatsu

We are delighted to count Kimono Seikatsu as not only a customer but friend. She is a driving force behind Kimono De Jack Boston, and even lived in Japan for a period. While living in Japan she attended kimono dressing classes. Recently she has returned to the states, and has brought back with her a rocking renewed passion for Japanese kimono. Recently she has been exploring some alternative looks and just shared with us this look. The white and black checkered obi is from us. Check out the details on her outfit, we really love the use of the thick belt and large buckle! Like her sense of style? You can find her kimono persona online at: To quote her about this look: "For my birthday Saturday, I decided to relive my teenage years and create a darker, more gothic look. I was inspired by Kimono club Bla'n'red and all her amazing visual kei and gothic kimono outfits. I saw her create an outfit in person at a kimono fair and I knew I had to try and create my own version. I'm shocked how much I liked the complete look. Hmm, can I dress like this every day? 😆 土曜日は誕生日だったから特別なスタイルの着物を着た。長い間 Kimono club Bla'n'red に触発された。彼女はいつもすごくかっこいいコーディネイトを作って私も同じようなコーディネイトを作りたいと思った。初めてなので完璧じゃないと思うけど、今度頑張るぞ!"

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