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Shipping Changes Effective Feb 1st, 2019

The online Ohio Kimono online store has been opened for several years, during which there have been several increases in the cost of shipping all online orders. FedEX, UPS, and USPS shipping rates have steadily increased. For years we held off on adjusting our shipping policy and rates to try and offer our customers the best option, often absorbing the shipping costs. The latest round of shipping cost increases have made it that we needed to re-evaluate our shipping practices. Starting Feb 1st, 2019 FREE shipping will be offered on all over $75+, and the shipping rate charged for all orders under $75+ will be a flat $4.99. Please be assured our shipping practices are as efficient as possible, and we actively explore various methods in which we can drive costs down. We greatly appreciate everyone's understanding and loyalty.

Ohio Kimono Shipping

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