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In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics there is a kimono project to create one traditional Japanese kimono to represent all 206 nations on Earth. Slowly but surely a team of world class craftsmen and women are creating one of a kind works of art to represent each nation. The kimono style of choice of course are furisode, as they allow for the grandest of displays and create more of a canvas to work with. With so many wonderful kimono being created, we thought it was time to begin to show case them and introduce you all to this wonderful endeavor.

Imagine One World Kimono Website:

Republic of France Kimono

"France’s global cultural power was considered in the making of the French Kimono.The concept is French beauty and integrity. The flower chosen to express this is a white lily. A Japanese proverb compares the lily to a beautiful woman. It is an aphrodisiac when standing up, a peony when sitting down, a figure of walking when in motion.This flower is truly representative of an active French woman. Not to be confused with the Fleur-de-Lys in Louis XIV coat of arms. The work is a masterpiece that represents the image of a noble and pure white France, boasting free, relaxed and attractive beauty.The obi is based on a tapestry in the Cluny Museum. The pattern of tricolor small flowers is hand-woven against a French blue background. This work represents both cultural history and spirituality." - Quote from the project Facebook.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Kimono

"Padauk flowers, which blossom like cherry trees in Japan, are the national flower of Myanmar. The whole country becomes wrapped in yellow when they are in bloom. We took cues from another flower’s color that many people prefer, magenta, as the background, and got the hem design from Longyi, the national costume. In addition, characters from the story of Keinnery and Keinnara, and Mingalabar, a greeting in Myanmar, are discreetly drawn.The hand-woven belt introduces a new style of design incorporating Myanmar's Padauk and Thazin flowers in Buddhism-related Chinese characters, using traditional the Saga Nishiki technique." - Quote from the project Facebook

Republic of Fiji Kimono

"Fiji's kimono has fish enjoying a 7-person bout of rugby in the ocean. It is a work that draws the viewer into a fantasy world. A turtle wearing a gold medal around his neck cheers for the fish, blessing the Fijian team who were gold medalists at the Rio Olympics.The belt is inspired by the legends of the creation of Fiji, involving snakes and rainbows, weaving a "snake's eye" out of a rainbow in the clouds." - Quote from the project Facebook.

The Republic of Turkey Kimono

"Ertuğrul, launched in 1863, was a sailing frigate of the Ottoman Navy. While returning from a goodwill voyage to Japan in 1890, she encountered a typhoon off the coast of Wakayama Prefecture, subsequently drifted into a reef and sank.With a focus on the remains of the ship, Ertuğrul, which symbolize Japan-Turkish friendship, the design was drawn as a motif showing Turkey's long history as a crossroad between the West and the East, as well as its rich nature. The background is a pattern combining the oriental standing frame and the western grid while skillfully incorporating national flower, tulips, and which have been considered a symbol of Turkey where timeless and diverse cultures flourish.We designed a Turkish lamp in a wreath of tulips, and weaved various colors with rainbow colors that shine.It is a work showing the youthful power of Hakata-ori craftsmen." Quote from the project Facebook.

The Russian Federation Kimono

"The uniquely Japanese technique," Kazari Nishiki,” involves cutting out various combinations of fabrics according to the design, combines them, and brings them together with embroidery in a jewel-like brilliance. The Russian Kimono design features a scene of Ivan holding a firebird from the Hermitage Museum and folktale Конёк-горбунок, the little humpbacked horse. There are ballerinas dancing, swans, and a Soyuz spacecraft. It expresses luxuriously that this is a great nation of culture, art, science and technology.Dostoevsky's Quotation "Beauty saves the world" also speaks for the project's message.The obi is a handmade work of Nishijin cloth, with decorative patterns of the Hermitage Museum and the exterior of the museum woven on both sides, creating a beautiful jewel box-like work." - Quote from the project Facebook.

Be certain to watch our blog for additional posts from this amazing project! We have greatly admired the kimono this project has produced, and planning on doing additional posts and updates dedicated to it.

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