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Autumn Haori Sale!

Autumn is almost here, so why not kick off the new season with a new haori! haori are the coats typically worn atop of kimono. They make a stylish and fun statement when paired with western attire as well such as a shirt and pants of your choice! Lightweight, easy to wear, and require no additional accessories, haori are great additions to any wardrobe.

When wearing haori for the first time, it is important to remember that they are designed to hang open and never close in the front. This often makes them a nice option for individuals who might be a little too busty to comfortably fit into kimono without looking at carefully doing chest binding options. The reason haori are meant to never be closed, is because when worn with traditional Japanese kiimono, they should accent the kimono. The kimono worn under haori should never be fully covered up, instead they lean into a more layered style and look. The coat worn with kimono that is meant to fully close in the front are called michiyuki.

Haori are also great gifts for anyone interested in Japanese culture who wants a practical everyday item they can enjoy wearing without the complexity of traditional kimono dressing.

All our women's haori in stock are 10% off for the coming week! Now is a great time to grab one for yourself! There are over 100 in stock on the site! Among them are even antique all silk haori. This sale ends Sept 24th, 2022!


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