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Coronavirus & Our Company

During this troubling time, we want to make it known that we are taking added precautions to protect our online customers. At this time we are under full self-isolation and will have extremely limited outside contact. Our products are stored in a private location, that is climate controlled, and with an aggressive dehumidifier running at all times.

We will be mailing our online order the USPS pick up service. If at any time we discover that we have fallen ill to coronavirus, orders will be immediately delayed to protect our customers. We are actively doing our part to reduce the risk to our community, and to ourselves. As of today, I woke up to a sore throat, a mild cough, body aches, and chills. I have asthma and the spring seasonal changes are here, which is often a time of year that I have health issues. I do not know if I am sick, or if I am struggling with my asthma. At this time a shipping delay is in effect to carefully address this concern and protect our customers first and foremost.


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