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Free Virtual Yukata Dressing Lessons!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Want to learn how to wear a yukata in a culturally respectful way? Join us for a FREE virtual lesson on how to wear yukata! Yukata are ideal for anyone new to wearing a kimono. To join our free online yukata workshop, all you need to do it register to attend, then show up. You don't even need to own a kimono, or a yukata to attend.

This online workshop is perfect for 100% newbies, to intermediate people with some experience wearing yukata who would like to polish their skills and learn some new tips and tricks for wearing their yukata. In Japan yukata are seen as trendy casual fashion, and they often push the boundaries of what is considered a tradition in favor of more modern styles and fun expressions. There are many fashion trends for kimono that have taken their roots from fashional expressions done while wearing yukata. Today yukata feature delightful accents such as glitter and even lace trim.

Yukata are an informal type of kimono. There are many different kinds of kimono. Yukata are popular as festival attire and are even often featured in various popular anime and manga.

Date: July 18th, 2020

Time: 7pm to 8pm

Location: On Zoom, registered attendees will be sent a link to attend the zoom call.

If you do not have your own yukata, we can help. At least once a week we restock our site with new kimono including yukata. Most of the yukata we have in stock are ready to wear vintage attire which will look fashionable when worn at home or even to a Japanese street festival. Regardless of where you wear your yukata, you can do so in confidence knowing that we only offer authentic yukata and kimono directly imported from Japan.

learn how to wear yukata kimono


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