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Haori Restock - Feb 23, 2021

The restock this week is full of exciting options, many of which are perfect for spring! This week we have added to the site haori, juban, and factory direct kimono dressing accessories. If you missed the prior announcement, we now have brand new factory direct kimono dressing accessories in stock that come to us directly from Wakayama, Japan.

This week we have added well over 30 products to the site, and have many more planned. The most popular sellers right now are juban and haori. The juban we are added to the site are perfect for spring, lightweight and unlined to be comfortable as temperatures warm but are still slightly chilly. Haori are our other popular seller for the spring, which offers a trendy lightweight statement. Haori are coats that are worn atop of Japanese kimono. Our haori are directly imported from Japan, and when possible also come with their original haori himo attached.

Here is a quick sample of the many vintage haori added to the site this week. You can find our haori here:

Here are some of the many juban added to the site, and many more are planned to be added. For the spring juban lineup, we are focusing on more unlined and lightweight styles that will be comfortable in cool weather. You can find the juban here:

Once spring hits you can expect a yukata congo line to come prancing through our kimono store. Until then we will have lots of spring-ready kimono ready to find a home.


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