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Kawaii Koshihimo @ Ohayocon 2020

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We are delighted to share with you all the selection of exclusively produced kawaii koshihimo made for us by Strawberry Darling. These cotton koshimo are machine washable, and come in two lengths: long, and extra long. This coming weekend these adorable koshihimo will be for say at Ohayocon 2020 in Columbus, Ohio! Designs are limited, so be certain to grab your favorite set of 2 koshihimo while you can! Koshihimo are a CORE part of any Japanese kimono outfit coordination. Essentially they are the ties used to secure the Japanese kimono onto the body. It is a widespread misconception that obi hold kimono on when really obi are mostly decorative and do not hold the kimono on a person.

Male or female, all kimono outfits need koshihimo. When worn with a kimono they are typically unseen.


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