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LA Kimono Club - California

Throughout the nation, there are a wide variety of clubs dedicated to wearing Japanese kimono. These clubs are often informally arranged but have a focus on traditional kimono dressing with a focus on teaching kitsuke and helping to educate anyone about how kimono are worn. Globally there is the Kimono De Jack community, however, in various areas, you can encounter specialized local clubs as well. In the greater Los Angels area there is the LA Kimono Club.

LA Kimono Club - California - Kimono Contest

Location: Los Angels, California

This club is exceptional and stands out as a leader in the USA for its engagement and also dedication to community outreach with event hosting. Most recently on June 24th they hosted a Summer Kimono Festival, which included yukata dressing workshops as well as bridal kimono dressing demonstration.

This club is easy to connect with and frequently updates its social media account on Facebook, as well as keeps its website active and engaged. The Facebook page for the LA Kimono Club is full of photos showcasing their members and events such as the recent kimono fashion show they were a part of, and other events that the club has taken part in. One of the recent events that the club hosted that really caught our eye was the recent kimono sale, where members sold and traded kimono and kimono-related dressing accessories such as obiage and kitsuke dressing accessories such as obi-ita. This was a great approach to finding a home for kimono and other items no longer wanted by members.

If you are in the LA area, we can't recommend enough the LA Kimono Club as an outlet and resource for anyone passionate about wearing Japanese kimono.

Photos of the LA Kimono Club and their members were shared here with written permission from the club. All rights reserved to the respective creators of the photos. Please do not reuse these photos without permission from the LA Kimono Club.

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I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and would love to connect with a Kimono club around here. Any recommendations?

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