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Latest Japanese Kimono & Juban For Sale

With the busy holiday season behind us we are working hard to restock our online Japanese kimono store with a fresh selection of ready to wear authentic kimono, haori, obi, juban, and more! There are thousands of items in stock in our warehouse just waiting to be added to our online kimono store. This week we are focusing on restocking our online store, and getting back to our express handling of online orders to ship. That said, we have some wonderful new items in stock as of today, and ALL THIS WEEK we will be added even more tot he site! To kick off our big restock push we added men's juban, and casual kimono to the website today. Later this week you can expect women's juban, haori for both genders, yukata, and more!

Some of the men's juban now in stock are pretty epic, like this dragon juban below.

We added a nice selection of authentic meisen kimono to the site as well!


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