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Learn How To Wear KImono @ Gencon

Gencon is the largest tabletop and rpg gaming convention around, and we are excited to attend and host a kimono dressing panel! This interactive workshop is tailored and customized for beginners, specifically people who have never put on a kimono and want to learn how to dress in an authentic kimono. In this panel we briefly touch on Japanese kimono history, discuss kimono construction, gender expression with kimono, formalities and more. We will also perform a live kimono dressing, specifically focusing on yukata and hanhaba obi. We will have a selection of kitsuke dressing aides with us as well, such as makura, obiage, and korin belts which we will discuss and demonstrate proper techniques with.

Gencon Kimono workshop tickets (free with admission to Gencon): - hosted Friday @ 3pm. This massive convention is hosted every year in Indianapolis Indiana. This convention is near and dear to us, as it was the first ever convention we attended, which was back in 2002.

Due to Gencon we are now under a shipping delay and will resume shipping when we return next week.

GenCon Kimono - Ohio Kimono


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