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Obijime Restock

Japanese kimono have a wide variety of accessories paired with them to express season, formality, and more. Among those accessories are obijime, which are a popular seller in our kimono store. Our latest restock of the kimono store includes a great selection of 25+ new obijime, some of which are gently used vintage and others are even brand new in their original Japanese packaging. The style of obijime we focused on were in the flat braid style, among the flat braids is a nice mix of formal to informal obijime styles.

Sometimes people mistake obijime for koshihimo. Koshihimo and obijime serve radically different purposes. Kohihimo are used to secure a kimono onto a person's body when worn kohihimo are unseen. Obijime are decorative braided cords that are worn atop the obi, and are commonly worn with women nagoya, fukuro, and maru obi. Gentlemen do not typically wear obijime when dressed in a traditional style.

Many people take special pride in the style and presentation of their obijime. There is ample room for creative expression that you can explore with an obijime while still being respectful of traditional culture. Obijime much like kimono, haori, and obi have their own formalities.

Here is a small sample of some of the obijime restocked this week. Also restocked this week was a selection of brand new machine washable han-eri and some vintage nagoya obi. Among the obijime is a great mix of colors and style.

Want to experiment with your obijime and try a more complex style? check out this amazing tutorial by Moon Blossom.

Have fun with your obijime, and don't forget to top it off with an obidome for a more formal statement with your style.


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