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Ohio Kimono @ Ohayocon 2023!

We are excited to kick off 2023 right by hitting the road and attending Ohayocon 2023! This show is one of our largest for the year, where we go all out and have an extensive kimono display! Normally every year we bring well over 600 kimono, haori, juban, and obi all in ready to wear condition in a variety of sizes, styles, and ages!

From playful informal yukata for men and women, adults and children to formal kimono such as furisode we will offer an extensive lineup with a great selection of ready to wear items.

Once more we will be offering our $20 clearance sale on ready to wear vintage kimono, obi, and haori! This sale is the perfect chance to shop at a deeply discounted rate for a wonderful and whimsical kimono at a great price. Every year our selection of obi is a popular hit as it includes a great selection of hanhaba obi, and even ready to wear pre-tied obi!

Included in the lineup is a great selection of brand-new, and gently used vintage kimono dressing accessories such as obi-ita, makura, and koshihimo! We also will have a selection of folding fans, and tabi socks that will accommodate a wide variety of sizes!

As always we offer culturally respectful traditional kimono dressings for our customers.

Where: Columbus, Ohio

When: Jan 20th - 22nd, 2023

What: Ohayocon, anime and Japanese culture convention!

See you at Ohayocon 2023!


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