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Ohio Kimono - Restock Dec 14, 2020

If you follow Ohio Kimono on Facebook you would have seen a sneak peek of the latest restock coming out today! Live on Facebook we hosted one of our exceptionally popular kimono unboxing sessions, which is something we have done for years and has proven to be very popular with our customers and fans alike.

The latest additions to our online kimono store include a great selection of vintage haori, michiyuki, and tsuke obi. All of which have been in demand, and we are excited to offer a fresh restock of them. With everyone stuck at home, online shopping is at an all-time high and our weekly restocks are selling out as fast as we can list and announce them. So be certain to check out the latest additions while there is still time to grab a new gem for your collection.

Included in the restock is this exceptionally silk haori, which is decorated with all real shibori and has an overall arrow pattern. Items like this are one of a kind, and are prized by collectors. Even better, this rare find is in ready to wear condition and will look great on display or worn alike.

Among the tsuke obi are a few really unique gems, one of which is this hand-painted duck obi. This obi is an easy to wear style, which requires minimal effort to wear. Ducks are popular among collectors who prefer more romantic themes, as they have deep cultural symbolism tied to happy and long marriages in Japan.

Don't forget that Christmas is just a few days away! If you were going to order a holiday gift fro someone special time is running out!


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