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Our Black Friday just got BETTER!

Our Black Friday sale just got better! We increased the sale from 10% off everything to 15% off everything, and you can begin shopping now! One of our customers contacted us, to tell us she was a retail employee and due to her insane work schedule, visiting family, and self-care that she will miss the sale. She hoped we could make an exception and let her shop early. So.....we decided to begin the sale a few hours early! Everything on the site is 15% off, with the exception of the grab bags. Don't forget 10% of profits will be used to purchase school supplies for a low-income inner-city school in Toledo, Ohio! Shopping and saving will help bless a youth with the tools they need to succeed. Furisode - Yukata - Haori - Fukuro Obi - Kitsuke Dressing Accessories and more are all NOW 15% off!!!


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