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Our Favorite Japanese Kimono From 2019

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The past year was a busy one, with many new exciting highlights! We saw a dazzling selection of authentic Japanese kimono come through our store and find their way on to new homes. Our online store set new records for our online sales, and we were busy to keep up with the demand. Of the many kimono, haori, obi, and kitsuke dressing accessories and tools sold a few kimono really stand out to us. Here are some of our favorite Japanese kimono from 2019 that we sold.

Women's black yukata with romping white rabbits and pine (sold)

Women's kurostomesode featuring an embroidered peacock (not yet sold as of this post)

This green women's kimono features leaves and flowers floating on water. (sold)

This delightful women's yukata had on it fancy tail goldfish, and bubbles. (sold)

This elegant understated beige iromuji features a dragon rinzu. (sold)

This taisho era antique sold fast, and its no small wonder as to why. Royal purple with teal this antique kimono features arrows. (sold)

We totally needed to sneak this haori in! Covered in shibori this haori was a beautiful addition to anyone's wardrobe. (sold)

Taisho era antique kimono definitely stand out for our 2019 year! This antique silk kimono features arrows, and sold quickly. (sold) There were many wonderful kimono sold in 2019, and we are looking forward to writing an all new chapter starting in 2020 with many new delightful kimono for sale. We hope to se you at any number of our shows coming up, and look forward to serving our customers all over the USA.


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