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Restock - Obiage & Haori

Our online Japanese kimono store offers a lot more than just kimono and haori. We have a complete lineup of kimono dressing accessories and aides to complete any outfit, of any formality. Obiage are among our more popular kimono dressing accessory and are often an overlooked gem that can add real pop and fun to your kimono coordinations. Obiage are used to tastefully wrap and hide the makura when it's worn with an obi such as a nagoya, fukuro, or maru obi. Obiage themselves can be tied, styled, and presented in a wide variety of ways and there are many online tutorials dedicated to creating whimsical designs and knots with them.

In our kimono warehouse located in Ohio, we have well over 100 obiage in stock online, or in our warehouse. Most often obiage are made of silk, and feature beautiful designs and styles themselves. Optionally, obiage have been sold for use as beautiful neck scarves and even hair wraps. Whatever your need, our obiage come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and once they are shipped they will be at your door in just a few days.

Additionally, a number of haori were added to our site this week, including a nice selection of silks and even a few taisho era antiques. Haori are a perfect spring wardrobe addition. You can check out our latest haori additions to the kimono store here:

Happy shopping, and happy spring!


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