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Hospitals Need Our Help - Can you sew?

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Can you sew? If so, hospitals all over need your help. Hospitals are asking for volunteers to sew cloth face masks for their use. Even better, facemasks are fairly simple to make and are friendly for even beginners. Face masks should be made from cotton or linen.

There are many face mask tutorials online. From what we have observed this is a popular style of mask: Another style of mask you can make is at: Another mask pattern: At this time we know of 4 hospitals actively asking for masks, but there could be even more. If the hospitals in this list are not local to you, consider reaching out to your local hospitals and see if they have a need. ***This list may become out of date as hospitals fill their demands, or exhaust them. You can contact each hospital individually to find out. You can also contact local hospitals not on the list and inquire about helping them.*** *Promedical in Toledo, Ohio: you can sign up at this link *Providence, Washington: with their signup to make masks here

*Stillwater Medical Center, Oklahoma: you can also contact the hospital’s volunteer coordinator, Lisa Eckels, at 405-742-5680 *Evensville, Indiana: *Other Locations: if none of these locations apply to you, we encourage you to reach out to a hospital of your choice and discuss with them any face mask needs they may be experiening.

In the coming days we will be donating a large amount of cotton fabric to a seamstress create face masks to donate. We will have an update on the masks we are helping make shortly.


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