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Yukata, Obiage, and more added this week!

This week we handled a lot of online orders! There is a definite upswing as people prepare for festival season and want to look their best at Japanese festivities nationwide! From California to New York, Maine to Texas we sent out a lot of online orders. This means we really need to push our restock efforts for the online kimono store! Added this week were: vintage yukata for men and women, obiage, obijime, and haori! We are going to push to get more online sales out the door, and add more kimono to the site in the coming week. Included in the new yukata were two exceptional ones: a kitsune yukata, and a zodiac yukata! Kitsune kimono and related items are exceptionally rare! The zodiac-themed yukata is also an exceptional find, and rather uncommon!

kitsune yukata kimono
Vintage Dark Red Yukata

Here is the year of the rooster zodiac-themed men's yukata!

zodiac yukata
Vintage White Yukata

Be certain to check out the great selection of obijime and obiage added to the site as well.


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