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20% Off Haori Sale

haori sale kimono store

Autumn is here, and this is the perfect time to add a haori to your wardrobe! Unlike kimono, haori are quick and easy to wear; they require no additional accessories or effort to wear beyond being able to simply slide on a cute cardigan. Even better, they look wonderful when worn with a dress or a sleek pants and shirt combo. Practical as any breezy jacket or cardigan, they can be worn practically everywhere you would wear any coat or cardigan.

Shop our haori and michiyuki sale and save 20% off our haori - - sale ends October 8th, 2023.

Haori have the wonderful sleeves of a kimono, long and elegant. Michiyuki are a great addition to any kimono collection, ideal for protecting a kimono when worn during travel or eating. Our selection of kimono coats are directly imported from various small businesses located in Japan. However, our warehouse is located in Ohio, which means when we ship your haori it will arrive in only a few days time anywhere in the USA.

Don't forget about our upcoming annual open house event!


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