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Restock: Yukata, Obiage, Haori, and more!

We are busy behind the scenes getting ready for a rather busy year of festivals and shows! Our pop-up kimono boutique will travel this year to several Cherry Blossom Festivals and more. If you can't wait to see us at one of our many events this year, you can always shop with us online for all your kimono needs. With spring not far away, now is a great time to consider your own kimono cordinations and style for the upcoming sakura season! From Washington DC to Ohio, there are many beautiful places to view the cherry blossoms, and you can wear your own kimono while doing so. Since yukata are preferred

for such viewings, we are working hard on restocking our yukata in preparation for the upcoming Sakura season!

Restocked This week: Yukata - Obiage - Obijime - Haori

Haori are also an excellent option for spring attire and are a quick and easy way to include a touch of elegance with any outfit. Obiage and obijime, when paired with your favorite kimono or obi, will add a touch of new style and bring a refreshed look to your favorite kimono coordination.

Our restock includes a mix of vintage and new stock, ready to wear. As always we ship from our warehouse in the USA.


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