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Worldwide Kimono Photo Challenge

I recently saw a really cool kimono fashion project, and wanted to share it. Check this out, I hope some of you take part :D

"Hello everyone!

As kimono enthusiasts, we are a truly global community. We're represent diverse people from every of ethnicity, age, gender, ability, language, religion, sexual orientation, and culture. Although different, we're drawn together by our love of kimono. When we share our love of kimono with the community we also share a part of ourselves and our unique experiences, allowing others to learn more than just about kimono.

To celebrate our diverse community we're starting the Worldwide Kimono Photo Challenge! This challenge consists in taking a picture of yourself in kimono at a place that is famous, culturally significant, historical, or a landmark in your country.


This challenge will help us to show how diverse our kimono community is, and to get to know each other better. You can submit your photo until 25th September(starting today) to our email, by Facebook Message, or in a comment bellow.

The winner of the challenge will be featured on the header of WKF's page. Other participants will have their photo featured in the challenge's album as honorable mention, and we will be compiling everyone's photos and stories into a PDF ebook document to share within our community and help promote kimono worldwide!

Here are the guidelines:

- Take a picture of yourself in kimono at a culturally significant, historical place, or landmark in the place where you live. Be creative!

- Include a short description about yourself and your photo. (Tell us a little about yourself and the landmark)


Good luck and have fun!"

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