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Review: Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival has earned us a total endorsement! Though we had plans for many years to attend and vendor at it, life had a way of stopping us from being able to attend. Event so we held out hope year after year for life to permit our attendance, and it finally happened in 2024. Though we were not attending to sell kimono, we were there as our kawaii stationery booth was packed full of wonderful kimono-related accessories and goodies, such as adult stretch tabi socks, folding fans, and even the most adorable tote bags. We even had a fine selection of hand-made kanzashi by Aya Blue Studios with us, which was a smash hit.

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival
Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival 2024 Flyer

While there we were able to enjoy a wide range of culturally focused live entertainment ranging from Taiko to cosplay. To the great credit of this festival, the Japanese food vendors were very on point and exceptionally fresh. What is even better about this event, is that admission is free and parking in the nearby area is very affordable.

Throughout the day I was able to meet up with various Ohio Kimono customers, and snap some great photos of people as they were enjoying the festival. So if you happen to be in the area, or looking for a fun road trip I highly recommend attending the 2025 Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival and planning to spend a day there.

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