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Beyond KIMONO ~ Tradition and Creation

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Japanese Kimono Fashion

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Beyond KIMONO ~ Tradition and Creation ~

Be Japon is a Japanese non-profit cultural organization dedicated to present Japanese beauty to the world, under its concept: “tradition and creation”. Our shows have been performed across 8 countries in the world; showcasing the aesthetics of Japanese traditions through antique kimonos that date back over 150 years that have been revived for the modern look, live music dance performances, and movie clips depicting the four seasons of Japan.

We will present our show and reception, titled “Beyond KIMONO 2015”, on Saturday, November 7th in New York City, at the Holy Apostles Ballroom in Chelsea. We hope our show will be a comprehensive exploration of the beauty of Japan through the five senses.

Details following:

Host: Japanese Non-Profit cultural Organization Be JAPON

Program: Beyond Kimono show in collaboration with pianist Gohei Nishikawa

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