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2016 Charity Theme: Human Explotation & Slavery

For years Ohio Kimono has supported a variety of worthy charity causes through the sale of kimono. A percent of profits from each sale is set aside, and then later donated to various charities. Each of these charites are checked through charity navigator to insure that the donation is well spent. For 2016 Ohio Kimono is going to focus on a very specific and important theme: human exploitation. All donations will go to various groups that help end human trafficing, sex slavery, child exploitation, and more.

The first charity in the lineup is: . The organization serves children out of their offices in Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Love146 is working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention. By buying a kimono from Ohio Kimono, you not only acquire a unique piece of Japanese textile art, but you also help a great cause.

Charity Navigator Insight for Love146: Thank you. I deeply delieve in social responsibility for corporations, and pratice it as well. Please consider donating directly to this cause. -Kerry, The Kimono Lady

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