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Announcing: Motor City Steam Con

From the exotic and distant far East, Ohio Kimono is excited to announce that they will be at the Motor City Steam Con. We are loading up our great air ship, and will set sail to cross the vast ocean, bringing with us exotic trade goods for the finest of ladies and gentlemen.Our steamtrunks will be stocked with unique silk kimono, rare antique hand made Japanese tea bowls for use in the renown Japanese tea ceremony. We will even have a selection of hand painted antique hand fans direct from Japan, the likes of which is certain to catch the eye of your darling.

For period fans, kimono were the height of fashion in high society and were featured in a lot of Edwardian art. The finest of ladies wore kimono as tea coats, and even modified silk kimono into unique dresses that were stunning works of textile art.

Ohio Kimono works directly with a small family business located in Kyoto, Japan to directly import a fine selection of authentic antiques and textiles never seen elsewhere before. Almost everything offered is a unique one of a kind piece, the likes of which will never be seen elsewhere again - certain to give your look a signature style no others can touch. Website For More:


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