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Yukata Preview For Matsuricon!

We are excited to once more return to Matsuricon in Columbus, Ohio! This year like previous years we will offer a wide selection of brand new, vintage, and antique kimono directly imported from Japan along with a wide selection of kimono dressing accessories such as obi-ita, makua, and obijime. At the bottom of this new update, you can see a video that is a preview of the latest stylish kimono we are bringing to Matsuricon.

Are you new to wearing authentic kimono for the first time? We recommend checking out our selection of new and vintage yukata. Yukata are a popular type of lightweight kimono typically worn during the summer months and festive occasions, holds a significant place in Japanese culture. It symbolizes both the nation's rich history and its enduring appreciation for elegance. Ohio Kimono's collection featured a wide array of yukata designs, each telling a story of Japan's diverse culture and artistic heritage. For customers looking for authentic plus-size kimono, you will be delighted to know that we just got in a shipment of American plus-size yukata for men and women to accommodate a wider range of body types. These brand new yukata feature beautiful traditional patterns and designs such as plum blossoms, and arrow tails. Our online customers will be excited to know that we will list our plus-size yukata online if they do not sell at Matsuricon.

Customers eager to learn how to dress themselves in traditional kimono will be happy to know we offer a Sunday morning kimono dressing workshop.

See you at Matsuricon!

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