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International Coffee & Tea Festival

This weekend there is a Tea and Coffee Festival being hosted at the Detroit Institue Of Art! On Sunday there is a focus on Japanese tea, and Japanese tea culture. There will be a kimono fashion show, and even a formal tea ceremony performed. See you there Sunday!

For more info: Sunday, Jan. 22

Sunday is devoted to the teas and traditions of Japan and India. Formal and informal Japanese tea ceremonies are demonstrated beginning at noon, paired with tastings of tea and Japanese sweets. There is a kimono show and art-making activities feature Japanese calligraphy. At 3 p.m., attention turns to India with performances of Indian classical and folk dancing, including a fusion dance the incorporates elements of Bollywood moves, and an Indian clothes display featuring rural, bridal, and modern Bollywood outfits. Bangles and candle making can be found in the lunchroom.

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