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Wonder Woman Kitsuke

Orr good friend over at Kimono Tsuki recently did a kimono blog post that we could not ignore. Inspired by Wonder Woman she built a kimono coordination worthy of the Amazon Princess herself. In the past Kimono Tsuki has done a variety of geek themed coordination, our favorite being her Star Trek officer. Here is her explanation for the Wonder Woman kimono coordination as seen below in the photo. "My initial plan was going to be a blue kimono and red haori, but I realised the vaguely onna-bugeisha style of a hakama would be much more balanced and representative of her red top and blue bottom. I felt like the kiku motif of this vivid red kimono was reminiscent of the star motif of her outfit, and a navy hakama grounded the whole thing. Of course, I had to bring in gold as the accent colour of the haneri and obi. The sword seemed like a foregone conclusion once everything came together, and what would Wonder Woman be without her golden lasso (or in this case, her golden obijime)?"

Blog link:

Wonder Woman Kimono Kitsuke

Photo used with permission.

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