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$300+ In Donations To Inner City School

Our company has donated thousands of dollars over the years to a variety of worthy charitable causes and organizations. Our efforts have ranged from helping to pay for cover up tattoos for women who were previously in the human sex slave trade, to donating food to the Humane Society, and even donating money to help researchers find a cure of ovarian cancer. Additionally, our company is a green one that practices a variety of techniques to reduce our carbon footprint such as recycling packaging, and reusing shipping supplies when possible. Another good example of our green efforts are the hangers that kimono occasionally arrive on, we collect the hangers and then ultimately donated to various women's shelters. Many of our actions do not have a tax reduction benefit, we do this because we genuinely care. Today we did our part to help our local community. We donated $300+ in school supplies to a low income inner elementary city school in Toledo, Ohio. Our collective future lies with our children, and their education. This donation is an example of a donation that does not have a tax write off value. Our large donation to the school included new lunch boxes, back packs, crayons, rulers, panels, erasers, and more. Below are a few photos of -some- of the donation as it was stacked up on the desk in the front office for the school. These donations are possible because of great customers who support our company. Thank you so much, please consider what action you might take in your community to help make it a better place.

Ohio Kimono charity donation

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