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Special Exhibit: Mirrors Of The Mind

During our recent trip to Portland, Oregon for Kumoricon we could not pass up the chance to visit the renown Japanese Gardens in Portland. In our previous blog post we showed off how marvelous autumn was in the garden, and the dazzling display of colors that was on display. Much to our delight, the timing of our trip to the Portland Japanese Garden also coincided with a very special and limited exhibit about Noh. Noh is an ancient form of theater in Japan that is known by many for the masks actors use in performances.

From October 14th, until December 3rd, 2017 the exhibit 'Mirrors Of The Mind: The Noh Masks of Ohtsuki Kokun' will be on display at no additional cost at the Portland Japanese Gardens. I will say that this was a special treat, as I have long loved Noh masks. This limited special exhibition is highlighted by performances by Noh actor Kawamura Haruhisa, who has been designated an Intangible Cultural Asset, during the opening days of the exhibition. A demonstration of Noh mask carving will be presented by Mr. Ohtsuki, who will also be present for exhibition’s opening days. Here are a handful of the photos we took while at this exhibit. We hope you enjoy them, and more so that you get a chance to see the masks for yourself. For more visit:

Portland Japanese Gardens - Noh Mask Exhibit