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Kimono Addict Gift Buying Guide

Japanese Kimono For Sale

This holiday season many people are struggling to find the perfect gift for the kimono addict in their life. For many people the prospect of buying a Japanese kimono for someone else is a little overwhelming and they do not know where to begin, or they are on a tighter budget and are looking for affordable stocking stuffers. Don't sweat buying gifts for the kimono addict in your life, we are here to help! Since 2009 we have been educating about Japanese kimono, and have helped hundreds of people with gift buying over the years. Below is a lift of universally useful and awesome gifts to buy someone who loves kimono. All orders must be placed by Dec 18th to be mailed out in time for Christmas. We will have rush handling shipping for those who need a last second gift. All of our orders ship via USPS, and our shipping rates and times are theirs.

Tabi Socks For Sale

#1 - Tabi Socks ($3 to $10 each)

Tabi socks are a universally awesome gift for any age, any gender, and for any level of skill. Tabi socks are highly versatile and are simply not commonly found in the American market. When in doubt, everyone who wears kimono can use plain white stretch tabi socks. If you are feeling a little more fancy, there are ample in the way of tabi socks with unique designs that features Japanese classic themes such as sakura.