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Handmade Obidome For Sale

Over the span of many years we have dabbled in obidome, and looked at cost effective ways to offer them to our customers. For those who do not know what an obidome is, it is a decorative brooch that slide onto the obijime and is worn generally in the center front of the obi. Many consider obidome to be the only jewelry worn with kimono. Obidome are typically worn by women, while men have netsuke and inro. Our recent experiments in handmade resin jewelry have finally lead up to be able to produce highly customizatable and unique handmade obidome! Even better, our obidome are much more affordable than traditional obidome which can range in price from $30 to $3,000! Our first set of obidome up for sale include the following themes: bats & moon, bunny & sakura, cat and bird cage, Saturn and stars, and snowflakes. Each obidome is a tiny world of hand-placed detail, which each obidome taking at least 1 hour to create. The obidome have at least 3 separate resin layers in them to give the charms depth and dimension. These obidome have many metallic elements in them, which does make them difficult to photograph. All the same we know that once you get your charm you will adore it :) to buy your obidome! Designs are limited and unique. Use the coupon code vday10 to save 10% during out valentines day sale! New designs are coming soon, and we take custom requests!

obidome for sale

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