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Ohio Kimono - Celebrating 9 years!

This April our small family business turned 9 years old. It has been a long journey, one filled with lots of travel and great customers. Our business originally started as a graduation project for the company owner as she was finishing her business degree in college. First we began with travelling to tea rooms and libraries as a part of an educational effort to help teach the public about how to wear traditional Japanese kimono. Later, our first humble booth was hosted at Bashcon in Toledo, Ohio. At our first little booth we had only 30 Japanese kimono, obi, and haori at the time. We are among the first ever kimono businesses in all of the midwest, and one of the first in the USA.

This industry and this kind of business does not fit many molds, and so much of our growth as a business has been a matter of ample trial and error. We have trail blazed over the years, being among the first of many companies to engage in various business practices: many of which go on to help other small businesses. Along the way we have made friends with many other companies and have engaged many mutually beneficial professional relationships. Along the way we have been blessed to have met so many great customers, many of whom have become close and personal friends. Our customers come from every background, and continue to be an outstanding source of inspiration. By far our loyal and new customers alike have been an absolute pleasure to serve. Today our small kimono company is growing, and that is all because of you. Though we started as a 1 person operation, today we have grown to the point of bringing new talented staff on board. Still today we strive to offer our customers high quality, and honest personal service. We strive to be culturally respectful in our dressings, and aim to make certain that our customers may purchase whatever they so desire with an educated understanding of what they are purchasing. Our online Japanese kimono store is growing weekly, with great new selections of yukata, casual kimono, geta, and more all for sale. Thank you for an amazing 9 years. We hope to have a 10 year anniversary celebration in 2019, details are pending :)

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