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RARE Disney Artistocats Yukata

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Did you know that Walt Disney has a limited official line of yukata and even furisode that they occasionally produce for a short period of time? These official Walt Disney kimono are highly sought after by collectors, as the designs typically are only able to be purchased at the Tokyo Disney park in Japan, and the designs are all limited edition. These are NOT sold in the USA at Epcot. Imagine our delight what we got 1 of these very rare yukata in stock! What we have acquired is an officially licensed Walt Disney yukata featuring the Artistocats, specifically the cat Marie with sakura and butterflies. This rare limited edition Walt Disney yukata still has its tags which show that it is the real deal. Currently we have been unable to find any further information on this rare yukata via google, but we do know such items are highly sought after by collectors. In Japan these yukata start at around $200 and go as high as $500 per the research we have done. They are not sold online, but rather only sold in the park at Disney Japan. Check out our photos below of this wonderful rare Disney Yukata. Want to buy it? There is only 1 in stock! You can find this rare limited edition Disney yukata for sale on our site in the yukata section!

Walt Disney Yukata
Disney Yukata

Disney Yukata

Walt Disney Artistocat Yukata

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