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Harry Potter Household - Haneri

"Wingardium Leviosa" - Show your Harry Potter Household Pride with our lovely haneri made from Harry Potter household crest fabrics. Haneri are a great way to sneak some of your favorite geek and pop culture into your kitsuke kimono coordination without being over the top. Don't worry House Gryffindor members, we will add you soon as well. For those of you curious, the owner of Ohio Kimono is House Slytherin with Ravenclaw leanings.

Disclaimer: This is not a licensed Warner Brothers product. It is however, hand-crafted from licensed fabric. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Warner Brothers.

Check out our Harry Potter Haneri here: Keep an eye out for other geeky and pop culture touches! We plan on expanding into Star Wars, and hopefully even some Disney and anime such as Pokemon fabric for haneri

kimono kitsuke haneri

kimono kitsuke haneri

kimono kitsuke haneri

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