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6 Places To Wear Japanese Kimono To In Michigan

Michigan Japanese Kimono

So you own a kimono and know how to put it on? But where do can you wear it to? This article is a part of a series dedicated to great places in each state in the USA that you can wear your Japanese kimono to. Sure there is the obvious sushi restaurant you can wear a kimono to, but where else can you go to and wear a kimono. Truthfully you can wear a kimono everywhere and anywhere including going to the library or even out shoe shopping in the mall. Still, people tend to look for venues that make for great photo ops, and are lovely to visit. In Michigan there are 6 great events and places to visit that are ideal for wearing your Japanese kimono to. At these events you will commonly find other people wearing their own kimono, or at least people who appreciate Japanese culture and will be receptive to the idea of someone wearing kimono. Many of these locations we have worn kimono to as well, and speak from first hand experience about what a positive experience it is. 6 Places To Wear Your Japanese Kimono To In Michigan

  1. Fred Meijer Garden & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan: These wonderful gardens are open all year and include something for everyone at any age. There is a great hands on kids garden with place space, and most notable are the Japanese Gardens. The Japanese Gardens are a newer addition, and were opened in 2015. This sprawling Japanese garden includes many traditional elements such as a tea room, a zen rock garden, bonsai, and more. All of this makes for great photos. These gardens are great for wearing a kimono to and exploring. Plan for at least an hour or two in the gardens as there is a lot to explore. Website:

  2. Shigematzu Japanese Garden in Lansing, Michigan: This smaller garden is located on the campus of the Lansing Community College. Admission to this garden is free. Though it is a smaller garden, it certainly offers a quick and refreshing experience that is ideal for savoring while wearing Japanese kimono. There are a lovely selection of stone garden lanterns, koi, and even a moon viewing area. Website:

  3. Japanese Culture Center & Gardens in Saginaw, Michigan: This lovely Japanese Garden offers another relaxing experience. All through the year they host a variety of cultural experiences ranging from tea ceremony to observations of Japanese holidays such as Boy's Day. Website:

  4. Japan Culture Days at the Detroit Institute Of Art in Detroit, Michigan: This two day long cultural festival is free to attend and includes a wide selection of activities. From the performances put on by the Japanese Kikuno-Kai Dance Troupe to the Washi Paper Making with Masters Tomomi & Hisashi Kano there is something for everyone. You will not be the only person wearing a Japanese kimono at this event. Website:

  5. Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan: Youmacon is the largest anime convention in Michigan, and is one of the largest in all of the USA. In 2017 over 22,000 people attended this massive event. You can expect a wide selection of cosplay, and Japanese kimono at this show. Additionally we sell kimono at this event, and also teach kimono dressing kitsuke panels. Webiste:

  6. Novi Japan Festival in Novi, Michigan: This once a year one day festival is packed full of cultural engagements that are certain to please anyone. From taiko to children's games there is something for everyone. Japanese kimono are a common sight at this festival and there are even kimono on display many years. Better yet admission is free for this family friendly event. This event is not advertised very much, and so the best place to find info is:

We hope that this list helps to inspire you to practice your kitsuke and enjoy wearing your Japanese kimono.

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