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Skull Bonsai

Here at Ohio Kimono we have a great love and appreciation for many aspects of Japanese culture that far extends to beyond Japanese kimono. One of our favorite past time hobbies during our travels is to tour Japanese gardens all over the USA. Japanese gardens in the USA offer a special cultural bubble, bringing a slice of traditional Japanese life here to America. These gardens are great for wearing your own Japanese kimono to. That said, in these gardens we have fallen in love with bonsai, and have a deep appreciation for the art form. Recently Tokyo Bonsai ( )shared some very interesting works with the world that made our little goth hearts happy. There is a movement that has blended bonsai with another natural aspect taken from nature: bones. Below are some photos from the publication showing these wonderful works of bonsai meets skull. We love this concept and hope to maybe see some of this done here in the USA.

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