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6 Places To Wear Kimono To In Indiana

Many people struggle to think of an occasion in which that can wear a Japanese kimono in the state of Indiana outside of Anime Conventions, or going out to eat sushi. When most people think of Indiana, they think of the classic American midwest. More specifically people think of farm country. It is difficult to imagine that this state offers much in the way of Japanese culture, and yet Indiana has a wonderful selection of places to wear a Japanese kimono to. With that said, here is our list of the top 6 places to wear a Japanese kimono to in the state of Indiana.

  1. Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne - The Cherry Blossom Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana is the single largest Japanese Festival in the state, and perhaps even in the tri-state region. This thriving 1 day Japanese Festival is a popular place to wear kimono. In fact when walking through the massive crowd of attendees, you will see many people wearing their kimono. Admission to this amazing family friendly event is free. Website:

  2. Shoiojiri Niwa - This wonderful Japanese is ideal for a relaxing stroll, and for taking photos in. The size of this garden is small compared to some of the grander gardens in the USA. However this garden features a wide variety of classic features, offering a lot in a much smaller space. Even better anyone can take photos here without needing any special permits. The garden symbolizes the Sister-City relationship between Mishawaka, Indiana and Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Within the garden there are over two hundred large rock formations, twenty plant types,a donated statue, and a teahouse pavilion. Even better admission is free! Website:

  3. Kawachinagano Japanese Garden - Most people are not aware that Indiana had one Japanese garden, let alone two of them. Carmel, Indiana has a Japanese sister city; Kawachinagano, Osaka, Japan. This wonderful strolling garden features a pond stocked with koi, stone lanterns, and even a waterfall and bridge. This garden will offer a beutiful setting to take photos in all year long. Admission to this garden is free. Website:

  4. New Fields Indianapolis Art Museum - Art museums are always a great place to express one's sense of fashion. Even better, admission to this renown art museum is free. Be certain to check the calendar for upcoming cultural and art events. Website:

  5. Gencon - Gencon is the single largest entertainment convention in the state, and easily the largest gaming con in the USA. As far as costuming at Gencon goes, be creative. Have you ever wanted to create a Star Wars inspired kitsuke coordination? Do it! This is the perfect event to get creative with your kimono. Website:

  6. Asian Fest - This annual festival is dedicated to all asian cultures, and is hosted by the Asian American Alliance Inc. This highly inclusive festival is a basically a trip through many beautiful countries all the while staying in Indiana. In particular, we really love the sari at this event. Cultural attire from around the world is welcome here, and celebrated. Website:

Do you know of any exceptional places in Indiana that people should wear their kimono to? Let us know! Remember to watch our blog as we go state by state throughout the United States of America and explore hidden gems of Japanese culture that everyone can enjoy.

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