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Kimono Sleeve Dog

This weekend we were at Motor City Steam Con, and sharing the vendor room with us were the lovely ladies at Ties That Bind. Ties That Bind is a high end, American made corset shop that offer unrivaled quality. More so, they are also wonderfully educated and knowledgeable about Victorian fashion, and even the influence that Japanese culture had on Europe in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Imagine our delight when the owner of Ties The Bind stopped by, to buy an antique haori from us....and then use it to carry around her sleeve dog. In the photo below you can see her 7 month old teacup poodle riding in her haori sleeve. Sleeve dogs were common throughout much of Asia Pacific - and were well known in China. The concept is basic, you put a small dog inside a sleeve, and let it's head out through the wrist hole. Its an effective and easy way to care a small dog around. Teacup and toy size dogs are best for this for the obvious issues stemming from size and weight.

Kimono Sleeve Dog

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